This blog is supposed to be about everything I enjoy or find worth thinking about. I am a research oriented psychology major; more specifically I am interested in evolutionary and ecological psychology, behavioral ecology, and facial behavior. I enjoy reading and listening about everything nerdy and “sciency”, and I am a strong supporter of skeptical movement, so it is not a surprise that my posts will usually be somehow connected to these topics. Further, I like watching TV-shows and movies, and I am always in the middle of listening to some audiobook so sometimes you might find some of my opinions about them here as well.

This blog has two purposes: firstly, I need a place where I can put my ideas so they can mature and perhaps occasionally lead to something more serious, and secondly, I want to improve my writing skills. Therefore, it is probable that my posts will not be perfect in terms of their contents and form, although I hope it will improve over time. Any feedback about both, content and form, is much appreciated.

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