Snow White and the Huntsman: All worth seeing was shown in the trailer

This weekend I went to the cinema to see the long expected Snow White and the Huntsman movie, and I have to say that I feel a bit conned. I’ve heard many excuses for why the movie stinks: that it is a fairytale so people went to see the movie with the wrong expectations, but I simply do not agree. I understand that the original tale’s storyline is a bit binding, but this movie just doesn’t add any value at all. Shouldn’t there be the emphasis on the visual side of the movie, when you decide to completely give up on character development? How is it possible that all the entertaining scenes are shown in the trailer already?! Moreover, how come it is usually a compilation of visual elements of something you could see in other movies? All this was underlined by Kristen Stewart‘s (lack of) acting (can’t she really do better than having her mouth half-open at all instances?).

Don’t get me wrong, I am not one of those intellectuals that have to feel enriched by a movie, or otherwise they pontificate about the doom of all popular culture. My mindset is very simple: “Here I am, entertain me”. That’s what the trailer promised. But what was delivered was only another Chronicles of Narnia embarrassment, – luckily – without the Christian propaganda (although, was Snow White reciting the Christian prayer at one point in the movie?).

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