Monthly Archives: May 2012

Fairness and Empathy in Animals: TED talk by Frans de Waal

This talk does not inform about something very new, but I really love the videos of monkeys (and apes) from the experiments.

What has science ever done for us?

Witty and simply excellent chalk talk by Richard Taverne was broadcast here on Guardian’s Science Weekly podcast.


New episode of Rationally Speaking Podcast is out!

New Q & A episode of Rationally Speaking Podcast is out, and it is as good as always! There was one extremely interesting piece of information mentioned this time. Apparently, WWII and consequent Cold War had a huge influence on the surprisingly low interest in Bayesian stats in academia during the recent past. It was due to the fact that statisticians were using this approach for dealing with confidential government assignments, and hence these applications couldn’t be published…